Thursday, September 07, 2006

For about a month or so, I've been talking to the owner of South Austin Music about doing a mural on the side of his building. Its a big thirty foot brick wall that has great visibility when you are driving north-bound on Lamar in South Austin. He wants to pay tribute to the artists who have kept him in business for over twenty years, with artists such as Monte Montgomery, Jimmy La Fave, Charlie Sexton, James McMaster... and help establish his business as a landmark in the area.
This sketch was an example I did of John Dee Graham to show what style I would like to use. Of course the real deal will be in color, but you get the idea. It is exciting for me to have such a great opportunity to paint large, experiment with house paint, and make a really positive impact on his business. I also hope it will lead to more opportunities doing this kind of high-impact, high-visibility work that still trusts my creativity and point-of-view.

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