Saturday, October 14, 2006

I love sketching with ball point pens. There is so no such thing has erasing, but it shouldn't matter. The mistakes add movement and feeling to the drawing. These were fun doodles.


Chris Garcia said...

Your sketching still blows my mind. I really like your scanner-esque style, but I guess looking at your more polished pieces on your blog I forgot just how vivid your freehands can be.

I'm gonna set up a blog. It's time. I won't have half the cool stuff you do, but I need to get more work online.

Much love,

Aaron Sacco said...

Thanks bro,
I was honestly a little self-conscious about putting up stuff like this, since it's so rough and more intimate in a way.
I recommend Hogarth's book on "Dynamic Anatomy" if you are looking to improve your sketching of more complex anatomy. It's kind of a bear to get through, but the ideas in it are quite profound.

I'm glad that you are posting a blog finally, and I am looking forward to checking it every day. It's been fun reading Johnson's blog every day and leaving comments. His poetry keeps getting better and better each day.