Saturday, October 07, 2006

This is my baby Jack. He's the cutest and most loving cat, you'll ever meet! We found him abandoned at a gas station while I was still at Baylor. Previously I had always said that I would never pick up a cat like that, but he was such so friendly and wanted so badly to be picked up. When I did, he collapsed in my arms and hid his face in my shoulder. My heart melted and I couldn't put him down. So we decided to just drive back home and see how he did in the car. He slept the whole way. Our intention afterwards was to give him away to someone else, but we never asked anyone. How could we? He's really more a like a dog in many ways, such as how friendly and loving he is to even strangers. He doesn't mind being picked up and he loves to be cuddled. I couldn't ask for a better cat.


Michelle said...

It was fate and he is an awesome cat.

Aaron Sacco said...

Aww... thanks michelle. See I told ya!