Thursday, November 16, 2006

I took yesterday off for Alicia's birthday and how lucky that was. It was frightfully windy all day and my sister-in-law actually had a branch blow through her roof and come down into her closet just a few feet from where she was sitting. Yikes! So I got to work again today in almost no wind. It was a bit chilly at 7am when I got there, but I knocked out one more character fully and about three other characters partially in pencil. Pretty productive. Hopefully I can get a lot inking done tomorrow. I'm also planning on working from right to left now and work my way back into the middle to try and avoid inconsistency in my painting from being too obvious. Since I am getting better at it each day.

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Anonymous said...

Ali told me about your website last night. The mural looks awesome! You are such a talented artist. Can't wait to see it finished! I'll check back often for progress!

Meghan Rynders