Monday, November 20, 2006

The weather was fantastic today! I was out there at 8am this morning and it was still a little chilly. By afternoon it was very sunny and hot, but with a cool breeze.
The good weather made it much easy to work straight through and get a lot done - three different faces. I'm definitely getting a lot faster now, and I didn't spend as much time figuring out proportions. One factor that made it quicker was working on the top characters, there wasn't as much detail to cover in the clothing. Especially compared to that last guy I drew. So I was really happy with how everything came together.
Jimmy La Fave stopped by South Austin Music and took a peek at the mural. I wanted to talk to him, but he just waved from a distance and walked back inside. Maybe he'll stay longer once I have his face up on the wall. Should be one of the three or four people I do next.
Yesterday I spent time working on the adjustments to the design to fix that 6inch dilemma. With it being such a short distance like that, I knew it wasn't going to be a big deal to correct it, so I shrunk a few heads and moved a couple guys around slightly. In the end, most will probably never catch that anything changed from the last design, and I think it actually looks better now.
ANyway, tomorrow I'm working from early in the morning til noon, and then we're leaving to go to Waco for Thanksgiving. I finally get to see and hang out with family, which is exciting because I feel like I haven't seen them in months... and not for longer than a day. So we're going to have it at my sister Julie's house and the rest of my brothers and sisters are driving in for the week too! I'm going to try and keep sketching and drawing while I'm there, so if I find a scanner, I'll post something on here when I get a chance. If I can't find a scanner, I may have to wait til Friday when I get back. Happy Thanksgiving if I don't hear from ya before then!


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