Sunday, December 03, 2006

I tried uploading this pictures like 20 times last night, and every time it came back saying it had an "unknown source." Whatever that means. This is the picture I took last night after work and you can't tell from this angle, but I am getting very close to finishing the blacks. Hence, I'm almost half way done with the project! Yay!
Today I'm planning on going down there to paint again to finish what I had hoped to yesterday. Unfortunately, I had many distractions including: having to pick up my show from JP's Java and then a mexican fellow named Paul, fixed the door on my car. I found out later I got completely taken on that deal financially, which really has put a bad taste in my mouth, since he seemed to genuine and honest. At least I have that experience to learn from and it wasn't a larger sum of money.
On a happy note, Heather, who works at JP's, said that she was really sad to see my show removed, because she loved seeing it every day. So that was really sweet of her of her to say.

Jason - Good idea about that ladder. I actually have one that I'll have to put in the car that would be perfect for early morning activity. Thanks for that mention.

Michelle - Thanks for your sweet comment. I'm very proud to have a such cool neighbors too! ;-)


Annie Cushing said...

Hi Aaron. Wow - your mural looks awesome! I'm trying to get in touch with you about your feature article for Adobe Illustrator Techniques. Would you please email me at


Anonymous said...

Hey man, you used to have steel cojones remember that? ;-)
So quit griping about the wind you lily liver, ha ha ha ha.

Looking unbelievably super, bro'!