Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy New Year! After a long vacation visiting family and my short visit to Waco to help Alicia at Harts N Crafts, I got sick with the flu and missed out on working this past weekend. Which was a huge disappointment! Plus Alicia had to return to Waco to work during Baylor's Rush (Sorority enlistment), which left me having to fend for myself on the couch, watching old war movies on the history channel and football. The weather was gorgeous outside, and I was perpetually either too hot or too cold in my fifteen layers of clothing, two blankets, and heater running. The sickness has now moved mostly into my nose and throat, but I hope to make a full recovery by next weekend.
Anywho, this morning I woke up early with Alicia and got some Tamale House for breakfast. So good and soo cheap. We eat there like five times a week, and it actually saves us money. Then I had to take care of my first driving ticket!!! I feel lucky and blessed to have made it this long without one, and once I take defensive driving it won't be on my record... but it still really sucks. I got it driving back from Abilene going through Temple (annika: yeah, i should have remembered your warning and honestly this time was the exception). We had both cats in the car and we were stuck behind this slow car in the fast lane, and finally got space to pass him when it turned into three lanes. I took off and a few seconds later I was on the side of the road shaking my head.
It was really fun painting today, and I was really excited to just be out there. The only disappointment was that nobody new came by to talk to me, but on the upside I worked diligently til about 4pm. I needed to move the scaffolding over to work on a different area, but i thought of alicia's advice earlier that day, and opted to go home and avoid pushing myself too hard while I'm still recovering. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and get started again!!!

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Chris Garcia said...

I see non-flesh colors in there! I'm so excited!

Well, it's coming along really well, man. I'm sorry to hear about your bug, and your ticket too. Keep your chin up! And you need to post some new sketches sometime. Not that I've gotten much done this last week, but I miss seeing your freer drawings from your pads.