Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Today the weather was perfect. It was sunny and warm with a cool light breeze. If you stood in the shade it would actually make you cold, so it was a lucky thing that I am hit with direct sunlight all day long. There is literally no point in the day when I'm not exposed. I had lots of people stop by to talk me and I even gave out a couple contest sheets, to win a free t-shirt. (if you don't know what I'm talking about, I attached the flyer to one of my previous posts)
Painting also went well. I'm back in the groove again with selecting the appropiate brushes, and I seem to be able to translate the proportions I see on my reference to the wall faster. All I have left now is two faces to complete and then I can start painting the clothes. The lettering on top is a breeze, but the color doesn't cover very well. I remember red and yellow both being bad about that in my first mural for Buzzard Billy's in Waco, so I think after I get the initial coat down, I'm going to leave it up to Alicia to clean up. That's kinda her expertise anyhow.
Tomorrow I'm going to try to finish those last two heads and letters above. Then if I have time, I want to start experimenting the clothes. I figure it should be the easiest stage, and if it turns out to be at easy as I expect, then I may ask my new friend Tie-die Scott to help me "fill in" the color. He's between work and can use the extra cash right now, and I wouldn't mind focusing on more challenging areas. Plus the sooner I finish, the more I can help out Alicia with the store, Harts N Crafts. It's her busy time of the year!

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