Friday, February 09, 2007

It was cold outside all day today. I started adding the second and last color to the clothing, that help define the shadows and weight of the figures. I wasn't too happy with the colors I mixed though, cuz the contrast was a bit strong and they started to compete with blacks. So I'm going to go purchase a few more colors tomorrow and fix that up.
I captured a couple pictures of visitors to the wall. Ish came around from inside South Austin Music and talked to me. He's been coming here for years and knew almost everyone from the wall. James Smith came to work on the roof and enjoyed giving me a fright every time he spoke to me from over head. I kept thinking there was somebody behind me or underneith the scaffolding!

James: Check back here online sometime and I may have a little surprise for you.


wae said...

Love the mural and the updates. I used it as the backdrop for some family photos and posted a link on Austin Metblogs. Good luck on all your projects!

Mark said...

Hiya Aaron, it's Mark, the director of the documentary on Jon Dee. Great to stumble upon this and see the images of the progress you've made. Man, hard work!! Thanks for the support and the beautiful work. I am certain the wall will be featured in our film!!

Aaron Sacco said...

Thanks Mark! I really appreciate your kind words and I can't wait to see the documentary!! Stay in touch and I'll definitely let everyone know the details of it's release.