Monday, February 19, 2007

What a beautiful day to come back to the mural! It was sunny all day and temperature steadily rose to 80 degrees by the time I left. The winds were a bit harsh though and Theresa who works next door at Binswanger Glass made me promise not to use the scaffold. I felt like a paper doll out there. So I managed to fix some color issues along the bottom that had been bothering me. Mostly lightening a few and experimenting with mixing a few others. I purchased some mason jars last night to put the new colors in, which should reduce the amount of wasted paint. I'm probably going to mix some more tonight, so I don't have to do it out there on the wall and waste precious light and time. Overall it seems to be wrapping up quickly and I bought a couple more detail brushes on my way home to add more control to the finishing touches.

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