Thursday, August 02, 2007

White Water Rafting. Today we returned from our vacation in Colorado for the "Radical Nautical" art show at Gallery Lombardi. Good news, the Mermacrabicorn won best in show. Thanks to everyone who came out and voted to show your support. It was close apparently. We had a terrific time on our trip and will be leaving again for a family reunion in west Texas. I can't wait for the driving to be over!


Linda said...

Way to go!!!! I'm so excited that you got BEST IN SHOW! LOVED the picture! You look so buff! Got those muscles going strong there!
Love ya!

alicia said...

Wow! Hey, congratulations! I'm glad one of my talented artist friends won best in show. I was waiting for them to send out an announcement of who won what....I heard I won a judge's award, but I don't know what that means : P (I had just left when they announced it).

Anyway, congratu-friggin-lations!