Monday, October 15, 2007

Man Vs Beast

I happened upon this interesting moment while wandering around the baylor campus. I couldn't believe my fortune. It was totally quiet when my shutter snapped and the student quickly looked back at me. "Hey, I took your picture!" I quickly called out, trying to avoid an awkward moment. He was happy to find out I wasn't with the Lariat (Baylor Newspaper) and didn't plan on putting him front page. He went on to tell me that he often watched squirrels and had heard them bark at him before. That I did not know they could do.


da janx said...

my mother lived in a house with a huge oak tree populated by squirrels. her siamese mix would sit at the base of the tree and the squirrels would "yell" at her, making angry chattering noises. never heard no "barking" though, it wouldn't surprise me.

Michelle said...

I have heard them bark before. One barked at me while I was walking around the University of Georgia campus. I think I got to close to its nest or something.

It sounded pissed!