Wednesday, April 01, 2009

AMLI Building

During the last weekend of SXSW, I got a call from the Gourmet Paint Company in Austin and they were needing a logo put on the AMLI building downtown (2nd & Lavaca). This was a fun quick job that got me out of my studio and back on the street where I love to paint. This was the second time I've created a logo on an exterior wall. The original plan was to use a projector to speed the process along, but it was too bright out and the lights at night made it completely impossible... which was actually a bit of relief. I hate using projectors and much prefer using a simple grid method to enlarge. I then used painter's tape to create the clean edges. About half way through, I abandoned using a pencil altogether too, because the sheen on the paint surface made it difficult to see at certain angles... and I basically started drawing with tape. Weird, but exciting! I love experimenting with new tools and refining methods.

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Barbie said...

It's great to see one of your latest art projects on your blog. Hope to get to see it in person sometime soon. Sorry we won't make it to the Easter weeekend art show, but hope to see some of your entries on the blog.