Monday, August 20, 2007

Alicia and I were out walking through our neighborhood, when we happened upon this plant that had these beautiful leaves. It was fascinating to me how the over all shape of the leaves immulated the shape of the smallest leaf, and so we took a little memento for scanning. I wouldn't be surprised to find it turn up in future paintings. Its odd what things can inspire you, when you take the time to just look. I've probably walked past that spot a hundred times and never noticed anything.
If anyone recognizes this plant, feel free to enlighten me.


Michelle said...

If it's from a tree, it could be a mimosa.

Or if it's from a tall bush-like plant, it could be a pride of barbados.

But I would ask Gabe.

Aaron Sacco said...

Cool. It was a bush-like plant. It had these beautiful colored flowers or sprouts on it too.

Michelle said...

Definitely a Pride of Barbados is the flowers were red and orange and it had seed pods.