Friday, September 14, 2007

Developing the Face

I spent a lot of time trying out different combinations of skin tones, and I'm still unhappy with the results. Its a bit slow going to get the true color too, because I have to build up layers and allow time to dry in between. Then if I don't like the color, I have to do another 2-5 coats of another color to see how it will look. Not all of the work is shown, just the results so far... which aren't as bad as the once were. I spent a big part of the last weekend experimenting as well before we left for Oklahoma. Then my air conditioning broke and work stopped til the house cooled down from 87 degrees. yikes! I'm going to get started on the lettering now to change it up a bit and maybe we can begin painting that tomorrow. Insha'allah (God willing).

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