Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Abstract Wall Art - A new technique


I began experimenting with a new method for creating abstract wall art.  My goal was to focus on texture and I started with a pencil drawing of an abstracted flower.  I then scanned that into photoshop along with multiple hand painted oil textures.  

The textures were time consuming to make mostly because of drying time.  I would apply multiple thin washes of color over the canvases and then once those layers had dried, I would "scumble" or drag stiff dry paint over the surface with a palette knife or bristle brush, which catches on the crests of the texture beneath, leaving a broken texture or color.  I really love this effect because it adds richness and the colors mix optically, which really brings the surface to life.  

Once I brought all that into photoshop, I could begin to piece it together and overlay parts on top of the other.  I'm not quite feeling like this is done... what do you think?  Does it need a center of interest or does the texture and randomness keep you interested?

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