Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mercado - Vector Landscape


When a long time collector, Tracy G, contacted me again and said she had a new idea for a gift, I was excited!  I had created a portrait for her husband a couple years back of him with a fish and it turned out beautifully printed large on canvas.  This would not be a portrait though.

Her family had long visited a mercado in Laredo, Mexico for vacation and with the growing drug violence, had been forced to stop.  It was a family tradition and very disappointing to her parents, whom she shared a close bond with.  It occurred to her to take her memory of this special place and immortalize it in a timeless piece of art.  Something to serve as a reminder of those precious times they shared together. So she sent me a low-quality washed out photo of the market and asked if I could revitalize the bright colors, remove several elements and people, and capture that fun, summer time mood.  We then printed it 11x17 on stretched canvas.  How do you think it turned out?

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